First imagined in Iowa.

Made in Iowa In 1991, two basketball coaches in Pella, Iowa first imagined the benefits of a height adjustable, regulation-size basketball goal for helping young athletes learn to shoot the ball properly at an early age.

The two coaches' first twelve attempts to make the goal in their garage were unsuccessful. On the thirteenth try they met a young man named Dale Brand who, ten years earlier, had decided he would make a better welder than a concrete truck driver. In one 24-hour session, Dale built the original Goalsetter system prototype, known today as the MVP. Very popular right from the beginning, the MVP maintains its position today as the #1 seller for Goalsetter in the institutional basketball market.

Still made in the U.S.A.

Today, the Goalsetter brand is designed and manufactured in rural Iowa in a world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employing highly-trained team members who are devoted to continuous improvement. The fully-tempered glass for the backboards comes from Tennesse. All other major components are made by Goalsetter or sourced from North America. All Goalsetters are assembled near the original Iowa home of Goalsetter. The company that manufactures Goalsetter today is owned by members of Dale Brands’ family. The two original co-founders of the company, coaches Dennis Steenhoek and Denny Brand, sold the company in 2006 to its current owners.


The demand for the quality Goalsetter basketball hoop remains strong. As a result, the company's strong finances — plus a commitment to continued improvement — ensure the continued growth of Goalsetter. Likewise, the company is dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. More than 70% of the steel used in a Goalsetter is recycled. Packaging materials are made from recycled materials. And, all manufacturing processes utilize green emissions.