It all began here in 1991:

The first outdoor, height-adjustable
regulation-size hoops.

In 1991, two basketball coaches in Pella, Iowa first imagined the benefits of height adjustable, regulation-size basketball hoops. They believed that height-adjustable basketball goals would let young players experience the joy and success of making a basket, while learning to shoot properly at the earliest age. Young athletes could begin developing genuine skills earlier in their lives, capturing years of skill training on real systems, rather than waiting to grow to a sufficient height. As players' heights increased, so could the height of the goal be adjusted. And, importantly, the coaches knew that the outdoor goals should last long enough to stick with the players as they grew up.

Among the first to imagine an adjustable basketball goal, they were indeed the first to attempt to build a height-adjustable, regulation-size system for outdoor use. In fact, their first twelve attempts in a garage were unsuccessful. On the thirteenth try they met a young man named Dale Brand who, ten years earlier, had decided he would make a better welder than a concrete truck driver.* In one 24-hour session, Dale built the original Goalsetter system prototype, known today as the MVP. The system's design, still nearly original to the first prototype, is sold today by Goalsetter as part of the Signature Series. Very popular right from the beginning, the MVP maintains its position today as the #1 seller for Goalsetter in the institutional basketball market.

*Dale was correct, he and his company, Co-Line Manufacturing, became well known for welding and much more...including 3D laser cutting, metal stamping, robotics, machining, tool & die and more. Today, Co-Line employs 160 in two state-of-the-art facilities, totaling 180,000 square feet, in rural Iowa. The company has manufactured parts for Fortune 500 companies, including Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Kawasaki, Pella Corporation and many more. Also today, Dale's family is the owner of the Goalsetter brand. The company was purchased from its original co-founders Dennis Steenhoek and Denny Brand in 2006.